This 3-year project aims at empowering women in the rural areas of Bcharre district (the most vulnerable, with less job opportunities, and a stagnant economic situation in Lebanon) through a vocational training programme and several modular trainings offered to 360 young and adult women.


The particular problems the project wants to solve are:


1) Massive migration, especially from the rural into urban areas

2) Lack of job opportunities in the villages

3) Women’s neglected role in society, where they have less opportunities than men


The main objectives of the project are:


1) To develop human capital in rural Lebanese villages by specifically training women with skills that will enable them to participate or support rural tourism and/or income generating activities (for example cookery, English, computing, etc).

2) To develop a formal vocational education in rural Lebanon, through the development of manuals and training rural women in view of establishing or improving micro and small business (MSB) linked to tourism and hospitality services in the rural areas of North Lebanon.

3) To contribute to the development of micro and small business enterprises (MSB) by engaging with Lebanese community leaders, villagers and experts.


The main activities of the project will be:


1) Creation of a modular training in entrepreneurship for women in rural areas.

2) Promotion of job creation initiatives in the villages (10 presentations in different villages addressing to local authorities and women)

3) Offering a 9-month training program for entrepreneur women

4) Offering a labour experience in hospitality management and tourism for young women


The budget for the project is 75.900 euros.

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