This project is part of AYNI’s development strategy to support the Aymara community. The aim is to empower Aymara women working in agriculture. The objective is to enhance their skills and production capacity in order to strengthen their position in strongly patriarchal and gender-based communities. In Aymara communities women have basically neither power nor influence and are easily victims of violence and segregation. Not even all the girls have access to school and, hence, illiteracy rates are exceptionally high.


The first step of the project is to map those activities that bring add value to the production of agriculture in the area. When these activities have been identified, the most suitable one for women will be chosen and transferred to the responsibility of the beneficiaries (women).


The next step is to organise a wide training programme where 100 workshops will be arranged. The workshops will be aimed at enhancing the professional skills of the beneficiaries. Three times a year there will be a meeting for all the members of the community where the participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and realise the dignity and importance of their work.


The third and last phase is the organisation of workshops on human and citizens’ rights as well as gender equality. Six workshops will be arranged in every community on the status of women, gender discrimination, etc.

The budget for this project is 77.000 euros.